VIC Stolen Lives – Ball of the Damned (vampire LARP)


24. 11. 2018 - 25. 11. 2018
začí­na­me o 18:00, kon­čí­me o 04:00

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It is a second time we are going to orga­ni­ze a vam­pi­re ball as a part of our LARP chro­nic­le.

This event will be focu­sed on both socia­li­sa­ti­on and dan­cing. There will be a cul­tu­ral per­for­mann­ces and clan mee­tings. We will also pre­pa­re some acti­vi­tes for more acti­ve pla­y­ers. Ettiquete will be very impor­tant at this event sin­ce we sup­po­se the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on of pla­y­ers from more domains of VIC.

We will try to find a way to enab­le pla­y­ers who are inte­res­ted in vam­pi­re LARPs but have no expe­rien­ce. In the first step of regi­stra­ti­on only cha­rac­ters alre­a­dy app­ro­ved by Storytellers (from both sides) are app­ro­ved.

Please book a date. We will uplo­ad more infor­ma­ti­ons in a short time. The date is defi­ni­ti­ve. It is the only avai­lab­le date for this loca­ti­on.

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  1. Caute, ja by som mal o toto zau­jem. Na VTM lar­pr som este nebol ale hral som via­ce­ro hier aj robil viac­krat GM pre RPH.

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