VIC Stolen Lives – Ball of the Damned (vampire LARP)

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24. 11. 2018 - 25. 11. 2018
začíname o 18:00, končíme o 04:00

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It is a second time we are going to organize a vampire ball as a part of our LARP chronicle.

This event will be focused on both socialisation and dancing. There will be a cultural performannces and clan meetings. We will also prepare some activites for more active players. Ettiquete will be very important at this event since we suppose the participation of players from more domains of VIC.

We will try to find a way to enable players who are interested in vampire LARPs but have no experience. In the first step of registration only characters already approved by Storytellers (from both sides) are approved.

Please book a date. We will upload more informations in a short time. The date is definitive. It is the only available date for this location.

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  1. Caute, ja by som mal o toto zaujem. Na VTM larpr som este nebol ale hral som viacero hier aj robil viackrat GM pre RPH.

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